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Rev. Wingeler-Rayo is an ordained elder with 25 years of experience. She was born in Nicaragua, CA. Before becoming a minister, Pastor Diana attended Nursing School. Rev. Diana speaks three languages English. Spanish and fairly Portuguese, which she learned from her missionary experiences. Pastor Diana served six years with the General Board Global Ministries in Cuba, Mexico and the US. She has visited many countries such as Brazil where she attended to language school.


In 2008-2010 Pastor Diana was selected to be part of 25 ordained clergy from the WNCC-UMC for a three years training program named LEAD Academy on leadership and evangelism. The group visited many of the mega and faster growing churches in the USA and in South Korea and Hawaii. These experiences  made her a friendly and passionate person in serving people from all cultures and languages.


Pastor Diana enjoys training lay leaders to become strong evangelists! Her passion is with people who love to share the Good News of Salvation. She enjoys teaching and forming healthy leaders who want to have health families.  Pastor Diana also mentors those who feel called to be a minister. She is a church planter and has planted 5 congregations. Pastor Diana is a licensed coach for new church planters and church revitalization. To contact Pastor Diana, click here.

Dirección: 10700 Georgia Avenue, Wheaton, MD 20902

Número de teléfono: (301) 949-8383

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Pastor principal:  Rev. Diana Wingeier-Rayo -

Administradora de la iglesia: Ingrid Figueroa -

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Sacristán: Karla Martínez

Director musical: Marie Bunting

Tesorero: Dwight francés


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